The Poem That Will Teach You Self-Esteem

A few years back, as I was browsing through a martial arts magazine, I came across a poem that would change my life. To this day, I consider it the best summary of how to develop self-esteem and reduce your ego.

The original is in German. I had to translate it, which made some parts a little “bumpy”. I apologize to the native English speakers for that.

Here is the poem:

As long as you try
to impress others,
you are not convinced
of your own strength.

As long as you strive
to be better than others,
you are doubting your
own worth.

As long as you try
to elevate yourself
by lowering others,
you are doubting your
own greatness.

Who is in peace with oneself
doesn’t have to prove anything
to others.

Who knows one’s own worth
doesn’t need validation.

Who knows about one’s own greatness
lets others keep theirs.

-Gabriele Ebbighausen

I read this poem several times a week to constantly remind myself to stay humble, never look down on anyone, and just focus on becoming great myself instead of putting others down. Work it into your morning routine or just ready it regularly. It will change your life as well!

What is your favorite poem that actually taught you something? Share it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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