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    We are Julian and Kristina, the couple behind Love Life Solved that enables overanalytical men to connect deeply with the women they like.

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Feel Completely Comfortable Around Attractive Women

Learn about our one-of-a-kind coaching program.

Imagine you could talk to an attractive woman and if things didn’t go as planned you could hit a button and start over. Even better, imagine that same woman gave you expert advice on what to improve next time.

Guess what, that’s exactly what our unique coaching program will do for you!


In remote 1:1 sessions, Kristina will help you perfect your ability to flirt, listen, lead emotional conversations, give compliments, and more.

After taking coaching with Kristina, you’ll possess the skills and the confidence to meet, connect, and date the women you find attractive – without getting anxious or acting like someone you are not.

“Never let the merely urgent get in the way of the truly important."

- Unknown Source

Who This Site Is For

We enable good people to meet, date, and live happily ever after with other good people.

  • Men of all ages who want to attract higher-quality lovers and partners

    It’s nice to get romantic attention from women. But until you get it from the women that you find interesting you’ll always feel like you aren’t good enough.

  • Good, down-to-earth people with a growth mindset

    We help the go-getters, the champions, the men who dream big in all aspects of their lives and act upon it. Our hearts beat for the good guys, the underdogs, the men who have everything in life except someone special who they can share it with.

  • Men who are more analytical and introverted

    You’re probably brilliant in your career and feel at your best in certain 1-on-1 situations. But your overthinking takes you out of the moment with the women you’re attracted to.

Who We Are Not For

If you are looking for ‘get laid quickly’ advice then this site is going to disappoint you.

  • Men who want to become Pickup Artists

    We don’t teach manipulative techniques or tactics to trick women into sleeping with someone.

  • Misogynists

    If you are looking to get back at your ex, sleep with 1000 women to satisfy your raging ego, or think women were born to please men, then Love Life Solved definitely not for you. We only want to work with men who love and respect women.

  • Men with a chronic fixed mindset

    We can only help you as much as you are willing to help yourself. Men whose response to advice is, “Yeah that might work for other guys, but it will never work for me,” don’t have the right mindset and don’t make progress.


Hi, we are Julian and Kristina, the founder couple behind Love Life Solved. We started this site to help good guys become their most attractive self – internally and externally.

We strongly believe that every good guy out there should have a place where he can find honest advice on dating and relationships that just works. Not the bullshit you can find all over the web, but real world advice from someone who has been through all of it. Because, in the end, everyone just wants to have that special someone by their side to share the best moments with. We’ll show you how to get there one step at a time.