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    Hi, we are Julian and Kristina! We’ll help you become a man that attractive women gravitate towards naturally.

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Start Conversations With Anyone

Know you are capable of talking to anyone in any situation and feel confident doing it.

Meet Attractive Women You Truly Click With

Quality men look for more than a cute face. They want to connect on an emotional level and feel like the other person really gets them.

Flirt Effortlessly

Show you are more than just a friend – in a way that both of you enjoy and that is authentic to your personality.

Talking to girls in real life feels easy after practicing with Kristina. Getting her authentic reactions to my flirting took away a ton of uncertainty and replaced it with confidence.

RobEntrepreneur, Brisbane

I want to say that you’ve helped me in thinking better about myself and approaching women. Thank you so much for the effort you guys put in.

Pranav M.Lovelifesolved subscriber, India

I started following Lovelifesolved.com a year ago and I went from socially anxious guy to someone sociable around girls, I still have to get over approach anxiety which I am working on. Thanks to you I met my first girlfriend, last December. Thank you for all the work you are doing!

Omar A.Lovelifesolved Subscriber, Egypt

I want to say that since we started I haven’t been reading any dating advice except for our notes, our exchanges, and your pages. Especially since I think everything you wrote addresses the problems I specifically have. They’re so good that they’re the only thing I really need. If I do everything right I might be able to find love before my birthday next month.

JaredCoaching Client, USA

Your blog and your advice worked like a charm. I’ve been in a relationship for two months now and finally, the other day lost that pressure of virginity. It feels like I can actually live my life happily now, now that I’ve proven to myself I can be successful on the romantic front.

LucasLovelifesolved Reader

My self-esteem is way better. I’m finally seeing who I am NOW rather than who I was. And I’m one gorgeous mofo who was just holding himself back. Thank you, Krisi!

JasonEngineer, L.A.

All the documents are EXCELLENT beyond compare. In all honesty this is probably the best investment I’ve made.

JaredCoaching Client, USA

Unique Coaching Method

What separates us from all the other dating coaches out there is our one-of-a-kind coaching program that gets results in record time.

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“Everything we do is based on honesty, authenticity, and a genuine love for women.”

We are Kristina Kirilova and Julian Reisinger, the founder couple behind Love Life Solved.

Many dating “experts” teach you disingenuous, superficial tactics to seduce women. They instruct you to pretend to be someone else. And hey, that might work in the short-term. But it’s not you who these women are attracted to! It’s the false persona you’ve created. And you will never find true happiness and learn to love yourself that way.

If you want to keep quality women in your life, you have to develop real self-esteem, understand how emotional attraction works and build a life that others enjoy being a part of.

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