“The only real dating advice is self improvement. Everything else is a distraction, a futile battle in the grey area, a prolonged ego trip.”

Mark Manson / Fuck Yes Or No

Who This Site Is For

We help good people meet and date other good people.

  • Men (and women) who want to attract higher-quality lovers

    If you are currently unsatisfied with the results you are getting in your love life then it’s time to change a thing or two. We can help you get started and guide you along the way.

  • Good, down-to-earth people with a growth mindset

    All our clients are highly successful people with amazing stories. Not once have we worked with someone who didn’t become a friend. We’d rather lose some business than teach assholes.

  • Men who struggle with social anxiety and shyness

    Our co-founder Julian Reisinger has been living with Social Anxiety Disorder since he was a boy. That’s why we will always have a special place in our hearts and our services for people with the same challenge.

Who We Are Not For

If you are looking for ‘get laid quickly’ advice then this site is going to disappoint you.

  • Men who want to become Pickup Artists

    We aren’t teaching any manipulative techniques or tactics to trick women into liking or even sleeping with someone. We teach consent, authenticity, and honesty.

  • Misogynists

    If you are looking to get back at your ex, sleep with 1000 women to satisfy your raging ego, or think women were born to please men, then Love Life Solved is definitely not for you. We only want to work with men who love and respect women.

  • Guys seeking only a quick fix

    Becoming great with women means understanding them, being able to connect on an emotional level, and developing yourself to a point where you feel happy and confident. Learning these things takes time, but it’s the only sustainable way to dating success. Quick fixes are just empty promises which were never designed to help you, but to trick you out of your money.


Hi, we are Julian and Kristina, the founder couple behind Love Life Solved. We started this site to help nice guys become their most attractive self – internally and externally.

We strongly believe that every good guy out there should have a place where he can find honest advice on dating and relationships that just works. Not the bullshit you can find all over the web, but real world advice from someone who has been through all of it. Because, in the end, everyone just wants to have that special someone by their side to share the best moments with. We’ll show you how to get there one step at a time.

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