Why Women Reject You And What To Do About It

Everybody knows how getting rejected feels. You stand there and feel like your heart is in your boots. You turn red or even deathly pale while you heart pumps wildly and your throat gets dry.

“How embarrassing. I am an idiot. What the fuck is wrong with me?!”

This feeling is the reason why many men (and women) won’t try their luck a second time. But as Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

To overcome your fear of rejection, it’s important to understand that often times a rejection has nothing to do with you. Knowing this will help you a lot when trying to overcome your fear of rejection and you will become more relaxed in conversations with women.

How to Make a Great Impression On Her

Studies have shown that people decide within three seconds if they like someone or not. That means the first impression counts. A lot!

If you present yourself to her like an insecure, scared boy, you are setting yourself up for rejection before the first word is spoken.

A well-groomed appearance and a confident body language play a major role. Stand straight with both feet on the ground. Your weight distributed evenly and your legs shoulder width apart. Imagine roots coming out of your feet, pinning you to the ground. This posture will make you look confident.

Also make sure you talk slowly and loud enough. Nothing destroys a connection like having to repeat “What did you say?” three times in a row.

Be honest and direct. Introduce yourself and ask if she would like to drink something with you. Tell her that you would like to get to know her. It shows that you are a sensitive and open-minded person. Often, people who choose the honest way, are good at empathizing with other people, which is helpful to get in contact with strangers.

Most women don’t like cheesy compliments. Avoid sentences such as “your eyes are so beautiful”. Wait with compliments until you know her well enough to compliment her on something she doesn’t hear from every guy who wants to get into her pants!

Why She Turns You Down Even Though You Are Awesome

Like I said before, in many cases getting rejected has nothing to do with you! She could be already taken or there is someone else she is seeing.

Maybe she is not interested in dating or in a relationship right now because she recently broke up with her boyfriend and just wants to have a fun night out with her friends.

One of the main reasons she rejects you: you are not her type. Taste differs, so don’t take it too seriously! Some women are into tall, skinny blonde men while others prefer the dark, hairy, masculine type. Some are even into pale, nerdy guys with glasses and an affection for comic books. There is nothing you can do about that! Just move on. Wrong girl, wrong time.


Think about rejection this way: Whatever her reason for turning you down was: She just lost the opportunity to meet a great guy! Go and find women who like you for who you are, everything else is just a waste of time.

What She Really Thinks About You

I’ll share a little secret with you: even after she rejects you she doesn’t think negatively about you. Why?

Because expressing your affection honestly and openly is not only incredibly attractive but also gives you a lot of credit. You just showed her that she is a desirable woman! That’s the best compliment you can make to a woman.

Sometimes women even regret having turned you down afterwards. That’s especially true if you take it like a man, show her that it doesn’t affect you and say goodbye with a smile on your face.

If you want to have lasting success with beautiful and interesting women you have to get used to being rejected. Yes, you can reduce the probability of getting rejected a lot if you know what you are doing but in the end it’s unavoidable. Put yourself out there, remember that often times it’s not your fault and take it like a man. That’s the only way to gather experience, gain confidence and overcome your fear of rejection.

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Thanks for reading and see you soon!