How Can You Handle Other Men Hitting on Your Girlfriend?

What can you do if someone hits on your girlfriend? Is there a protocol to follow?

The real answer here is: Trust her and do nothing. But if you must do something, here are three ways to handle the situation.

1. Stay classy

Let the conversation play out, and then at some point walk over, put your hand on the small of her back and say, “Excuse me,” then turn to her and say, “I’m going to grab a drink/whatever, do you want anything?” However she responds, before you leave, turn to the guy and introduce yourself and then go do your thing. That’ll be more than enough.

2. Befriend the guy

Walk over and befriend him. Introduce yourself, carry a conversation, find mutual ground, and then deter him by saying, “You’re here alone? Man, I will absolutely wingman for you.” The last time this happened in the reverse for me: I started hitting on a girl at a bar and her boyfriend came up to me trying to be overly alpha. I immediately befriended him, found out he used to play hockey too, and I left the bar with him asking for MY number so we could hit the rink together.

3. Be dominant

Walk over, enter the conversation, offer her a drink (or whatever) and then turn to him and say, “Oh are you a friend? I’m grabbing a drink, do you want one?” This positions you as the dominant male in the situation and very clearly draws the friend zone in the sand.

Basic rule of thumb: Do not be the guy that walks over with a puffed out chest trying to be all big and mighty—you’ll end up looking weak and childish. Instead, approach the situation with no judgments and no insecurities and just be you. This level of confidence will be very attractive to your girl.

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