Are You Good Enough For Her?

You probably want beautiful, intelligent and confident women but are you willing to do what’s necessary to be with the woman of your dreams?

Often when I talk to guys about this topic I get responses like: “The perfect woman is gonna love me the way I am!”. I think this is merely an excuse. Improving yourself is hard work and not everyone is ready to make the sacrifices that go hand in hand with personal improvement.

As humans we have the tendency to expect everyone to change for us. But let me tell you something that you probably already know – You can’t force other people to change. (at least legally) The only person you can change is yourself!
So the logical approach is to start improving yourself until you get the results you want.


Improving yourself is often hard work but the reward is far higher if you stick to it.

If you want to attract a woman who cares about her looks, who is physically fit and is also intelligent and interesting, you should be willing to work your butt off in order to offer the same!

Most men’s egos will now protest intensely:
“I have to do all this stuff just to be good enough for her???”. YES, absolutely!

Why do men feel entitled to being with a woman that is on a completely different level?

If she takes great care of her body so should you! If you want a confident woman, be confident yourself! If she dresses well and is interested in fashion and styling you can’t dress like a slob and wear sandals with white socks!


The women you want work hard to look and feel good. If you want to be with a girl like that do the same!

Improve rather than change

The word “change” is used heavily by the self-help industry, but we are not completely happy about it because many people misunderstand it and therefore, think they should change who they are – as in become someone else. That’s not what we are talking about!

Understand that everyone is unique. Never become anyone else! Stay who you are but become the best version of yourself! That is the essence of what we try to convey at

I do my best to improve, but nothing seems to change

Improving yourself is like building muscles – you don’t notice a huge difference from one day to the next but when you take a look back after a while, you will see the enormous transformation you have performed. Before you know it, all the things that used to be only a wild dream in your head have suddenly become a reality. (often without you even noticing it.