Dating Simulations with Kristina

Train your dating skills by simulating challenging dating scenarios with Kristina.

Imagine you could talk to an attractive woman and if things didn’t go as planned you could hit a button and start over. Even better, imagine that woman gave you expert advice on what to improve next time.

Inevitably, you would become more and more attractive with each iteration, at which point success with the women you want would only become a matter of time.

Guess what, that’s exactly what Kristina’s Dating Simulations will do for you!

In intense video and texting sessions, Kristina will help you perfect your ability to flirt, listen, lead emotional conversations, give compliments, and much more. Afterwards, you will get forthright feedback and exercises that will help you improve until the next session.

Additionally, you can also book in-person sessions with Kristina where she will be your Wingwoman and will help you apply what you have learned in the other sessions in real life.

Why Kristina is the best coach for nice- and introverted guys seeking success with high-quality women

Imagine how successful you would be with women if you knew what they were thinking about you. It would be like playing poker and seeing the other players’ cards, right?

That’s exactly the point of Dating Simulations. It helps you understand how your behavior looks to women and therefore makes it crystal clear to you what to do in each situation. But the value of being coached by Kristina goes far beyond her expert female insight. Below, you’ll find 4 more reasons why Kristina is the perfect coach for you.

100% Privacy

What you tell Kristina in a coaching call stays between you and her

Before working together, Kristina will offer you to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to guarantee complete privacy. Unlike other coaches who just record coaching sessions without their client’s permission, Kristina will never use or sell any of your info without your explicit permission.

A friend, not just a coach

Kristina is like an older sister who tells you how to score with her beautiful girlfriends

What’s most important to Kristina is building a close relationship based on trust with her clients. Coaching is most effective when you feel safe with your coach, lower your guard, and open yourself up to direct and honest feedback. Because Krisi is so masterful at making you feel comfortable, clients describe working with her almost like getting advice from an older sister who tells you what her friends secretly think about you.

Doing instead of talking

An emphasis on taking action

Dating Simulations isn’t just another coaching program that promises you the stars but then just buries you in endless theory. On the contrary, it is all about doing instead of talking. Sure, Kristina will cover all the theory you need and answer your questions, but even more important to her is that you apply the theory.

Focus on results

No one size fits all formula

Many coaches use the same exact coaching plan for all their clients. Guys with superb style get style advice, guys who have no problem with approaching are asked to approach 100 women, guys who have a strong social circle are pushed to go out and make friends. It’s obviously a waste of precious coaching time.

Kristina’s coaching is different. She creates a personalized coaching plan for each client and focuses on the areas that you have the biggest leaks in, as opposed to just blindly trying to improve every aspect of your dating skills.

Ready to date higher-quality women from now on?

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