8 Traits Of Bad Boys You Can Borrow That Will Catch Women’s Eyes

Every girl dreams of finding her prince in shining armor. We don’t grow up wanting to be with bad violent guys. No one wants to commit to someone who is lying, cheating, fighting, running, hiding. What makes bad boys so attractive is not their bad behavior. But what makes them so sexy? Here are 8 badass traits that you can adopt to boost your attractiveness.

Bad boys are actually nice, at least in many women’s fantasies

The ultimate aphrodisiac is a guy who appears to be tough on the outside, but who turns into this lovely, vulnerable being when he is with her.

Bad boys are exciting, dangerous, and mysterious

Bad boys have a personal opinion and they don’t fear to say it out loud. They don’t change their mind so they can impress somebody. They are not ashamed of feeling the way they do, or of saying what they really mean.

Bad boys know what they want… and show it

Bad boys don’t ask for permission. Have you ever seen bad boys in the movies who ask their date if they are allowed to kiss her? Nope – they are confident enough to know she likes them. So, they just pull her closer, look her in the eyes and kiss her.

The fundamental difference is some people wait to be given permission and others give that permission to themselves.

– Nicolas Cole

Bad boys have confident body language

Their head is held high and their back straight. They move slowly. Both feet are firmly placed on the ground. Everything about their body language screams confidence. They also take up a ton of space by e.g., sitting with open legs and arms stretched out.

Bad boys don’t fear rejection

They know that rejection is a good thing. It tells them who they don’t want to waste their precious time on. They don’t see any point in being with someone who is not excited to be with them.


Bad boys don’t give a f*%ck what others think about them

What other people may or may not think about them doesn’t cross their mind. A bad boy’s focus is directed to the outside. If anything, other people should worry about what the bad boy thinks about them.

Bad boys are not afraid

Not like a superhero or Hercules. But they are ready to protect their loved ones, anytime, anywhere.

Bad boys talk honestly and show vulnerability

They don’t play games. If they don’t like you, you’ll know. Bad boys never pretend to like someone. Everything is straightforward with them. That’s why it is so easy to be around them.