9 Biggest Turn-offs For Women

Many of you probably think that improving your looks, or gaining more confidence will get you to the next level with women. But sometimes it’s much more effective to eliminate unattractive behavior than it is to build attractive behavior. To help you identify what type of attitude many women find unattractive, I’ve put together a list of the 9 biggest turn-offs for women, behavior and character traits, that are so off-putting to most women, that they can ruin your success no matter how attractive you are otherwise.

  1. Bragging and arrogance are some of the most common reasons women get disappointed from good looking, at least at first sight, clever men. Right from the beginning, he can’t talk about anything but his influence in his social circle, A-list celebrities he knows, or his huge salary. Arrogance gets you nowhere!
  2. I, I, I – Talking constantly about yourself equals showing no interest in her! Know that a big part of being attractive to women is the ability to make her feel special and that is achieved by asking questions and being generally curious about what kind of person she is.
  3. Being rude to service professionals like waiters, bus drivers, gardeners. How you treat people that you have no interest in shows women your real character. No woman feels comfortable in the presence of a guy who just shouted at the waitress for serving the steak medium, instead of medium-rare.
  4. Indecisiveness after asking her out – Waiting for her to decide where to go, after you asked her out, shows you had no plans about the night in the first place, and it is a clear sign for indecisiveness. We want you to be the man and take the initiative, never forget that!
  5. Looking at other girls. No matter where you are with your date, she should be the only one you are interested in. Now is the moment for him to show her that even when there’re many beautiful women in the room, he has only eyes for her.
  6. Acting immature. It’s unattractive when a man is trying to hide his affection for a woman. Ignoring her, or even worse, insulting her to get her attention is the wrong way to go. Not having the courage to look her straight in the eyes and tell her that you find her attractive is pathetic and immature. Grow some, then try again.
  7. Paying no attention in conversations either because he’s only interested in sleeping with her, or he’s thinking about what to say next. No matter what the reason is, not being present shows a lack of interest in her. How would you feel if she clearly was elsewhere while you tried telling her about yourself?
  8. Sexual and vulgar language – Sexualizing the conversation early on, before there is any emotional bond between you and her, feels extremely uncomfortable to most women. It’s scary to be stared at like a piece of meat by a horny idiot who obviously is only interested in her for one reason. The same holds true for over the top vulgar language. I know, some of you use the f-word because you think it will turn you into a bad boy, but in reality, it shows nothing but low emotional intelligence.
  9. Lying is simply a red flag. If you get caught, you can be sure to have destroyed all trust from the beginning.

What other no-go’s have you come across? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!