Chill Man: Why Slowing Down Will Boost Your Attractiveness

Slowing everything down is one of the best things you can do to become a much more attractive man.

Can you imagine George Clooney rushing to get somewhere with sweat dripping from his chin? Probably not.

Another example. How does the goofy, insecure guy in every film move around?
Twitchy, jerky, in a haste, out of breath. Most of the time he even runs into other people, spills beverages or hurts himself.

The Hidden Benefits Of A Glacial Lifestyle

Moving your body rapidly looks insecure and it makes others feel uneasy around you. Even worse, your behavior heavily influences the way you feel!

Give this little exercise a try it: Breath shallow and fast for a while. (stop before you start seeing black) Do you feel uneasy? Now try deep and slow breaths. How do you feel now?

Calmer? More relaxed?

Breathing has a lot to do with slowing down inside and out. Take fewer but deeper breaths and you will naturally become more “chilled” and easier to hang out with. There are very few “magic pills” that improve your success with women instantly but this is one of them!


I know it sounds stupid but slowing your movements down also reduces the probability of you running into stuff – seriously!

It used to happen to me all the time. The conversation ends, I turn around as fast as I can (because of the stress relieve after the conversation ends) and “baaam”, I run into a wall or a table or a fellow human being.

Slowing down cures that!

3 + 1/2 Other Reasons Slow Is Good

Snails do it also! Ok, maybe not the best argument.

It makes you look cool. Seriously! I normally tell people to stop acting too cool for school but this is an exception. You don’t move slower in order to be perceived as “cool” but if you do, you will be.

You become more approachable. If you want other people to start conversations with you it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for them. Who would you rather approach, a woman who seems to be in a hurry or a woman who slowly strolls around in the city center and seems to admire the architecture?

You get a different view of the world around you. A friend of mine always tries to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. He is so obsessed with it, he even rushes to catch the subway when the next one arrives 3 minutes later! And if he misses it he is pissed.

I believe a lot of people nowadays are like that. So few of us take the time to enjoy the journey even though that’s what matters most.


We are always in a hurry and when we are not we waste precious moments of our lives with checking emails or playing silly games on our smartphones. The real world eludes us more and more. Therefore it’s our responsibility to make a deliberate effort to open our eyes to all the beauty and the endless opportunities that surround us.

I know most of you just read through this post without ever taking action and if that’s the case I do take full responsibility for not doing a better job. But what if you do things differently this time?

Just leave your smartphone in the pocket, take a detour to work and open your eyes to this crazy world we live in. You can never know what you’ll discover.