The One Guide On Grooming And Hygiene Every Guy Needs

I’ve a question – do you want to be with an attractive woman, who takes great care of her personal hygiene? Guess what, we want the same!

This post aims to show you how to improve every aspect of your hygiene and your grooming because it’s one of those rare opportunities to improve your attractiveness instantly and without much effort.

Improving your hygiene means creating new, healthy habits. I would encourage you very much to read this blogpost by Zen Habits on how to successfully ingrain behavior in case you are not familiar with it yet.
Ok, now let’s get started!


Oral hygiene

Things like bad breath and yellow teeth are a no-go for every woman. I’ve gathered some useful tips besides teeth brushing, that will help you prevent bad breath.

How to stop bad breath

First of all, I would recommend you to brush your teeth every time before you go out. It’s just not enough to brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. During the day it’s important to have self confidence but if your breath smells bad, you are not be able to have successful conversations.

Brushing your teeth is only one part of your TO-DO-list before you go out of the house. Many people don’t know that brushing your teeth doesn’t make the bad smell go away. Get a tongue cleaner and use it every day! It helps to get rid of bad breath and the results are astonishing! It’s not possible to brush your teeth every time you think your breath is bad. That’s why it’s always a good idea to wear a tongue cleaner and gum with you.

Other reasons, why a tongue cleaner is important and how to use a tongue cleaner shows you mindbodygreen:
5 reasons why everyone needs a tongue scraper

Another important habit you should start right now is flossing. I know it’s quite hard to get into this routine but flossing helps to prevent bad breath and is an integral part of keeping your teeth healthy.
When you start-out only floss one tooth. Increase over time but never miss a day! Habits are built through continuity. It’s not that important how much you do on each day but it’s vital to do at least the minimum every single day!

And the icing on the cake – use mouthwash regularly. It´s not possible to reach all areas in your oral cavity with toothbrush, tongue cleaner and dental floss alone. Using mouthwash should become an important part in your oral hygiene!

Avoid foods and drinks which give you bad breath. So if your are in a restaurant with a woman don’t eat stuff with garlic or onions if possible. Alcoholic drinks are also really bad. Especially red wine, beer and whiskey. If you plan on drinking it’s even more important to carry a tongue cleaner and additionally gum. Gum alone won’t get rid of bad breath, it only masks it for a while. It’s a little bit like spraying yourself heavily with perfume after you have noticed that you reek of sweat.

White teeth

Teeth turn yellowish after a while. Smoking and drinking red wine also contributes to it. So use whitening toothpaste or whitestrips. Men also prefer women with white clean teeth. And guess what, we use whitening toothpaste everyday!
Julian told me he’s had good results with these whitestrips.
A great smile is the most attractive feature you can have and white teeth play a big role in it!
Important: please visit your dentist before using any diy teeth whitening methods. Your dentist will discuss your options with you and makes sure you don’t apply anything that can harm your teeth.
A professional dental cleaning can also help you big time.


Skin Care

Our skin protects us, regulates our body temperature and is our biggest sense organ. Skin care is important to obtain our health and therefore our well-being. Every woman wants to have beautiful, soft and tight skin and most of us invest a lot of time and money into our skin-care.
Men don’t have to go to these lengths but there are still some things women pay attention to when it comes to male skin care.

The ugly stuff

Pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. Skin blemishes are annoying and it´s not just a puberty thing. Every skin is different and needs special care.
If you have problems with acne, please go to a good dermatologist. She will advise you, which kind of care your skin needs. Seriously guys, go to a dermatologist! Trying to fight acne on your own with tips from some folks on the internet can lead to having a scared face for life!
If you have problems with blackheads or whiteheads go to a cosmetician once a month. They remove it with a special treatment. Alternatively, and the cheaper way, buy a special brush for your face. Here is another one.

Body Care

Men tend to cover their natural odor with tons of smells from shower gels, shampoos, shaving gels, deos and perfumes. Don’t overdo it guys! Our natural smell is important for transmitting sexual chemicals (pheromones). We decide if we perceive someone as attractive or unattractive almost instantly and smell plays a big role in that. So clean your body with products that have a subtle smell or none at all.


Shower twice a day. There is no way around it.
If engage in any physical activities during the day, take a shower afterwards and use a deodorant! By the way, you don’t need to use perfume every day. A freshly showered man smells great even without any perfume. For me, its one of the best things in life to lie in my boyfriends arms and smell his natural odor. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about your natural body-odor and not your odor after the gym or after not having showered for one or two days! Buy a ph-adjusted soap or shower gel and as I said use a deo afterwards. But if you don’t have the time or whatever (I won´t judge you!) make at least a simple “catlick”. That means you quickly clean your feet and armpits with water and soap and your genital area just with water.


Showering together not only saves water, it’s also more fun! Image Credit/Tumblr/Sirenchild


Right usage of perfume and aftershave

I know a lot of guys (and women too) who drown themselves in perfume or aftershave. People don’t need to know that you were in the room before they have seen you. I can only give you following advice: less is more!
Women should only smell your perfume if they are in kissing distance to you.
Just spray on your finger once and then tap your neck, arms right below your hands and your chest.

Women should only smell your perfume if they are in kissing distance to you.

Ears and Lips

Clean your ears regularly. Guys tend to forget to clean their ears very often. Most of you have short hair, so we can see whether you clean your ears or not. Please don’t use cotton buds! Earwax can get in your ear canal and can cause inflammations. Just use water and a kleenex.

For your lips buy a good lip balm in a drugstore or pharmacy. Don’t take the cheapest one. Try a high quality product with sun protection. You don´t have to use it everyday! People often get dry and rough lips in winter/summer or just occasionally.
Trust me guys, no woman likes to kiss a guy with rough and dry lips! So please buy a GOOD lip balm and use it when needed.


Guys believe me, it´s very important to have well-manicured hands. When you meet women, they look at your hands first. You can see your hands as store signs that tell women a lot about you. This is one more opportunity to make a great impression and it doesn’t take you more than 5 to 10 minutes once a week!
First step: wash your hands with soap and a brush. Step two: cut your fingernails. Your fingernails should have the right length and the right shape. They shouldn’t be longer than your fingertips. If your nails are dirty, remove it before you cut your nails. For cutting your nails use a nail scissor or a clipper. Afterwards refine your nails with a nail file.

My personal tips for smokers and nail biters

Smokers know the problem: yellow fingernails. Here is the solution: Try a hand bath with a dash of fresh lemons. Fresh lemons will make your fingernails brighter and will remove stainings.

Maybe all of this sounds very time-consuming to you but believe me, women will notice these little details! And it just takes you 5-10 minutes a week!

Finally, let´s talk about nail biting. If you have this bad custom (like i had) listen. It´s so unattractive to see people nibbling on their nails! However, their hands will tell you that they do it! I know it´s so hard to get out of this habit. A friend of mine gave me following advice and it helped. Take always patches with you. If you feel that you will start with biting, take the patches and paste your nails up. I know it sounds extreme and people will ask. But still better, than nibbling nails in front of other people!

Pirooz Sarshar shows you a perfect home manicure.


If you wanna make a good impression on her, take care of your feet regularly (even if no one sees it). Pedicure is like a manicure. Adopt the manicure technique. However, pedicure is often more time-consuming than a manicure. If you have hard skin, remove it regularly with a pumice stone. Don’t use a metal file! It´s too aggressive and you will get more hard skin over time.
Imaging yourself cuddling in bed with a beautiful woman and she feels the hard skin on your feet scratching on her legs.
That’s an instant turnoff to us women!
You can get a pumice stone in a drugstore or in a pharmacy. The best way is to remove it while you are having a shower. If you get a lot of hard skin or corns go to a pedicurist.
For sweaty feet: walk as much barefoot as you can, change your socks daily and ventilate your shoes regularly. Other methods are special deodorants and creams for your feet.

Imaging yourself cuddling in bed with a beautiful woman and she feels the hard skin on your feet scratching on her legs.

Here is another Video from Pirooz Sarshar about the perfect pedicure.

Head Hair

Women spend huge amounts on haircuts, styling and hair care products. Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, hair oil and tons of other products. The variety of products that the cosmetic industry offers is gigantic. You seriously don’t need all of this! But your hair needs fostering too. Here are some useful tips:

Get the perfect haircut for less

Go to an awesome hair stylist that is frequented by stylish guys and girls. A haircut there will surely cost you $50 or more but it’s worth it! Why? Because you will not only get a stylish haircut that frames your face perfectly but also valuable tips on how you can style your hair at home so you can always look good. Additionally there is the opportunity to meet interesting women there. ;)
After a couple of visits (as soon as you know how your hair looks good) you can switch to a cheaper hair stylist and just tell him to recut your last hairstyle.


How to get rid of dandruffs

See, I know a lot of men (and women also) who have problems with dandruffs. They are quite annoying, unpleasant and not really attractive for both sexes. If you are also affected take action! Buy a GOOD dandruff shampoo in a pharmacy. A dermatologist will prescribe you a good product. Don’t feel ashamed, anyone has dandruffs sometimes. Often it’s just a seasonal problem. In winter it’s very common especially if you wear a headgear.

Greasy, bald and receding

Generally wash your hair regularly. Fatty hair is a big turnoff!
For example, last time I went to a bookstore to buy some christmas presents, a shop assistant helped me find the books I needed. He was an interesting person, open minded and he seemed self-confident. I could feel that he was happy with himself. He wasn’t the best looking guy but his charisma was really attractive and he was able to talk to me like a normal human being. If he had asked me out on a date (maybe a coffee or whatever) and if I were single I would have said yes. But there was one thing which deterred me — his greasy hair. Seriously guys, greasy hair is a NO-GO! You could be the funniest, best looking guy but if you have greasy hair no woman would go on a date with you! You don’t have to wash your hair everyday, except if you tend to have really fatty hair. Otherwise it´s enough, when you wash your hair twice or three times a week.

If you tend to go bald, don’t try to cover it with your existing hair. With this technique you will look much older! You don’t need this, and women will notice it anyway! Cut your hair extremely short, or shave all of them. Bald men, are attractive! Good examples would be Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. Keep in mind, masculinity has nothing to do with full hair on your head! And by the way, I think that a receding hairline ala Jude Law is really sexy. ;) Many women think the same. So start to love your dissolving hairline!

Body Hair

Human beings don’t just have hair on their head. There are other parts on your body, which need grooming too. Men are often uncertain, how they should handle hairy situations so I will give you some advice on what women like.

Eyebrows and nose hair

Women pick their eyebrows because they are unsatisfied with their eyebrow shape and/or thickness. Many women prefer men with natural eyebrows though. Personally I don’t like men with picked eyebrows and most women I’ve talked to agree with me. Your natural shape frames your face well, so there is really no need to pick them. The only exception is if you tend to a monobrow. In that case go to a cosmetician. Alternatively (and the cheaper version), buy a tweezer in a drug store. If you don´t know how to handle a tweezer, go to a cosmetician first. They will show you the technique and give you advice.

A tweezer is also helpful for getting rid of visible nose hair.

Back hair

I think no woman likes back hair. It doesn’t look good, so shave it, wax it or use other hair removal methods for men. A trained male back looks strong, masculine and sexy. But back hair doesn’t!
There are many ways to remove back hair. I know waxing isn’t the most comfortable way, but if you want to have a good looking back for a longer time go to a cosmetician and wax it.

Alternatively you can persuade another person to shave your back. Wait, there is one more cool alternative that eliminates the need for helpers — the back hair groomer.
Julian told me that he once was the proud owner of a back hair groomer and that it worked well. There is only one downside to it — it is not as accurate as waxing or having someone else shave it. Some hair will always remain.

Chest hair

I know women who like a hairy chest and others who don’t. If you are indifferent about shaving or letting it grow I’d advise you to trim it. If you like your chest hair then wear it with pride! The same holds true for shaving. As soon as you stand 100% behind something people will start to respect and even admire it.

Armpit hair

Most women prefer men with short to middle long armpit hair. So shave your armpits about once a month and you should be fine.
As I already told you, always use a deodorant. Men often use a deodorant after they recognise they smell. However, this practise is useless! Take a shower and afterwards use your deodorant!

Hair on arms and legs

I am going to the gym regularly and I’ve noticed, that many men shave their arms and legs. Why? Seriously, why are you doing this? If you don’t need it for certain sports, like cycling or swimming keep your hair!

Pubic Hair

Now lets talk about a very sensitive region. The genital area. All I can tell you is that it’s a matter of taste. You should feel comfortable in your body. However, keep in mind that your (future) girlfriend will be engaged in this area. Ask her which kind of style she prefers. Of course this is a private question and will be asked after you have had sex a couple of times. In the beginning I would advise you to shave everything.

Beard grooming

It’s well known among women that we like beards. Some women prefer a full beard, others have a soft spot for a mustache. Of course there are some women that are not that into beards. But please forget what women want for a second because it’s only up to you! Only if you feel comfortable in your body, you will be successful! By the way, not being able to grow a beard doesn’t make you less attractive! See it as a blessing.
But let’s assume you can grow a beard and want to have one. Every beard style could be quite appealing but only if kept right! No matter stubble or full, short or long, the most important thing is that it’s well groomed.

Grooming a beard is a daily routine, like brushing your teeth. If you want to have a long beard, then you should consider styling your beard, so that it looks neat. If your beard has reached a certain length, you need shampoo or soap for cleaning your beard and a comb as well.

I have found a wonderful site that answers all your beard questions that go into more detail: show you the perfect grooming routine for a well-kept beard. For grooming your beard you need a scissor or a good trimmer. For the first time, it´s easier to buy a good trimmer.
Trimming your beard is important, otherwise your beard tends to look scruffy after a while. It will make the difference between you and many guys, who think that it’s not a big deal.

A well trimmed neckline can make or break the look of your beard. shows you how to create a good looking neck line.

Grooming your beard is one thing. There are lots of possibilities for beard styling. If you are not sure, which beard style suits you, you can find lots of cool beard- and hairstyles here.

Now that you know more about what women like and don’t like about a man’s hygiene you are well on your way to building new grooming habits that will only make you more appealing to women.
You don´t have to change everything now though. As I already mentioned before, it is all about feeling awesome in your own body. Improve your grooming routine step by step and you will feel and see the difference! Believe me, this will make you feel more comfortable and sexy in your body and women will certainly notice!

Thank you for reading!