How to Maintain A Vibrant Sex Life In a Relationship

Many couples I talk to feel like their sex life has become as repetitive as brushing teeth.

They think the solution is buying sex toys, googling different positions, or playing sick patient and sexy nurse. Don’t get me wrong, all these things can be fun, however, constantly coming up with new creative ways to spark the erotic flame can feel like work. And who needs more work after a long fucking day at work?

Here is the good news: it doesn’t have to be like that!

Explore the old rather than invent the new

An interesting sex life is not about constantly finding new things to do. It is about finding different shades in the same things you have been doing all along. Let me explain.

A kiss is not just one thing. You can kiss with tongue, bite a lip, kiss as soft as you can, lick the other one’s lips, suck at your partner’s tongue, kiss roughly, up against a wall, rolling around on the floor, kiss the neck, arms, stomach, legs. You can pull hair, grab ass, put your hands in her back pockets, squeeze her tits, lift her up,…

It is the same exact thing with intercourse. Sex is hardly just one thing. It is romantic, it is wild, it is tense, it is dirty, it is innocent, it is soft, it is salty, it is sweaty, it is quick, it is slow, it is rough, it is dominant, it is loud, or silent. The list goes on and on.

The same principle applies to every other element of pleasuring each other. It’s like switching from business news to the animal channel. Both qualify as watching TV, yet they differ quite a bit.

So if you want to revive your sex life don’t look for the new but take the tried and true and come up with new variations. Your partner will thank you for it.