How To Prepare For Going Out

Have you ever wondered why many women need so much time to prepare for going out? It’s not because we can’t decide on the perfect outfit for two hours – although that plays a role as well. The main reason is that we don’t leave the house until we feel amazing about ourselves.

Your going out preparation can either screw up your night or make it an amazing one. Women know that. Luckily, today I’ll let you in on the “secret ritual” women use to look and feel great when going out, so you too can make every night a great night.

Get in the right mood

The first thing you should do before you go out is build up the right energy and mood. You want to go for a happy, energetic and social vibe. That way you will appear non-threatening and thus become more approachable.

Clubs are designed to bring people together. Nobody there wants to spend time with negative or sad people. Everyone goes out to forget about the sorrows of daily life and to spend a couple of hours in a magical world free of problems and full of fun. Your nights will never be great if you go out with a negative attitude.

What gets me out of my bad mood every time is the right music. Find a playlist that pumps you up. Here is mine:

Additionally, I urge you to move your body: dance, jump, and also sing in the shower.

Get groomed

After you’ve turned on some music it’s time to hit the bathroom to make sure you look your best. Prepare as if you’d meet the woman of your dreams later that night. Go in front of the mirror and think about the following questions:

  • Is all your hair styled and well groomed? (body hair also)
  • Do you smell nice?
    Tip: Use cologne carefully. Don’t spray it all over your clothes. Just apply a little bit on your neck near your ears and on your wrist. Other people should only be able to smell your cologne when they are close to you. In clubs – within kissing distance to you.
  • Are you sure you don’t have bad breath? Would you feel comfortable talking to women up close or even kissing them?
    Tip: Clean your tongue after you have brushed your teeth. If you want to prevent bad breath also during the night, bring your tongue cleaner with you.
  • Would you feel comfortable if a sexy woman wanted to go down on you right now?
  • Are your nails short and clean?
  • Have you applied deodorant?

Dress to impress

The perfect outfit is one that makes you feel handsome but is also comfortable. Don’t make the mistake of wearing something that looks great but doesn’t feel good. Pick up some simple (but) stylish outfits. If your body allows for wearing a white tight shirt, I’d definitely choose something like this for more formal events:

If you’re not sure what fits you best, try a couple of outfits. That’s what women do! We throw everything out of the wardrobe and start experimenting with different clothes and colors. If you can’t decide what your style is, then just start with simple, casual outfits you can’t go wrong with. Check out our Style inspiration for men on Pinterest.

The most simple outfits mostly look the best. They are easy to combine, never go out of style and just look damn sexy! A T-shirt and jeans look highlights your body, so to pull a simple outfit off you should be in (at least) ok shape.

Tip: If you find an outfit you love, go in front of the mirror and take pictures so you can replicate it anytime you like.

Pump yourself up

Your mindset is what makes you truly attractive. If you don’t believe that you look incredibly sexy, why should others believe it?

Now look at you. Find at least five things you adore about yourself and make yourself compliments aloud in front of the mirror. Start appreciating, loving, valuing yourself as a person and don’t forget to listen to motivating music the whole time.

Become comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror. Smile, hold eye contact, and repeat after me: “I am sexy!”


You want to be social at the club, so it’s good to warm up a little bit. That’s best done by meeting up with some friends beforehand. Have a couple of drinks (not too many), share laughs and feed off of each other’s energy.

Many guys talk about topics like politics, disasters, science, and other heavy stuff before going out. That’s a huge mistake! You wouldn’t talk about these things in the club, so don’t do it during preparation.

Let’s do a short word wrap about suitable topics:

Good – Music.
Bad – Politics.
Good – Funny stories.
Bad – Sickness.
Good – Silly dance moves
Bad – Guy chatting (“I am gonna nail all hot girls in the club tonight.”)

All of the above should be self-explanatory, but trust me, it isn’t.

Go out

Now, all there is left for you to do is hit the club. You are in a great position to enjoy an amazing night. Keep up the social vibe in the club through talking, drinking, joking, dancing and flirting. Believe me, guys like that stand out to women because there are not a lot of them around. Prepare well and great things will happen when you go out.

Have fun! :)