Huge Mistakes: Generalizing Women

Generalizing women is among the most widespread mistakes I come across daily.

“Women like dominant men.” “Women enjoy being on top more than missionary.” “Women like it when you compliment them on their eyes.”

All of these statements are both wrong and correct at the same time. Some women like dominant men, others don’t. Some women like being on top, others don’t. Some women like being complimented on their eyes, others will think you are lying through your teeth. It all depends on the INDIVIDUAL!

Sure, you can always go with what the majority of women prefers. But is the knowledge that most women dislike a hairy chest worth anything if the woman you love is into it? Obviously not.

Trying to optimize yourself for appealing to every single woman out there will only result in failure. It’s just not possible with all the different preferences and tastes humans have. Instead, you should dress, dance, flirt, and groom the way that feels natural to you! After all, feeling comfortable in your own skin is a quality that truly appeals to every woman.

Always remember, if you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.