The Easiest Way to Ask a Woman Out

In the following, I will teach you a little trick that utilizes the element of surprise to ask women out on a date. I really like this technique because it is so non-needy and most women never get asked out that way. It’s definitely an experience she won’t forget so soon.

How it works

So this is the situation. You are in a conversation with a woman you find interesting. It doesn’t have to be an hour long talk between soulmates but the two of you should at least get along well.

Then, after the conversation is over, say goodbye, and let her turn around and walk away. After two seconds, call after her, “Hey!” Walk a few steps towards her. “By the way, would you like to grab a coffee with me next week?”

I call that the surprise effect.

Usually, she is going to respond with something like, “Uhm, sure! Why not. Here is my number.”

What I should clarify right away is that this trick shouldn’t be used in situations where you have known all along that you want to ask her out. It’s a fun, spontaneous way to invite her on a date. Not more and not less. Waiting until the conversation ends so that you can finally make use of the trick would be highly inauthentic. But let’s get back to our little post here.

Why is this trick so effective?

First, she didn’t expect it. Therefore, she had no time to think about the pros and cons of going out with you beforehand. This is great because it allows her to be in the moment with you. Attraction is an emotional matter. Therefore, anything that makes her think logically about spending time with you is not going to help you build it.

Second, because you did it so spontaneously it doesn’t sound needy at all. You’re just asking politely if she might be interested.

And the best part is, it takes the pressure away from you during the conversation. That way you can be a great conversational partner, listening and responding to her, and in the end, you still have the chance to ask her out.

Try it out and let me know what happens. :)