9 Creative Date Ideas

To win a woman’s heart, it’s not always enough to just take her out and pay for dinner. That’s what most men do. A guy who makes the effort to arrange a special date immediately stands out from the majority of men. I’ve put together a collection of nine creative date ideas – not only for first dates – that let her know she deserves the best, you.

Aquarium date

This date gives you time to get to know each other better without feeling the pressure of what you should talk about – you can just discuss what you experience there.

Stand-Up Comedy

Make a woman laugh and you almost have her heart! The most important thing for a woman is to feel good on the date. To feel safe. To be happy. Not everyone can be a natural born entertainer, but you can take her to one. Laughing will relax her and again, it takes the pressure away from you.

Watching airplanes taking off and landing at the local airport

Airplanes are fascinating. At least to me. I love to watch how they land or take off – you can even guess with her where they are headed to. Such a date is quite unconventional, interesting and is the perfect starting point for a conversation about beautiful places around the world. You tell each other stories where you have been already, what your favorite cities are and where you want to go next.

Jazz night

Who doesn’t enjoy jazz music in a fancy or an old style club? Jazz clubs are cozy, stylish and usually small venues. You can dance and if you don’t know what you should talk about – you can just enjoy really good music.

Drive-in Cinema

Open air concert

Take your girl out on a picnic adventure with a blanket, candlelight and good food while listening to nice music on a warm summer night. What woman wouldn’t enjoy that?

Rooftop Pool

If there is an opportunity in your city to go to a rooftop pool, then there is no doubt – you’re going to impress your girl with this incredible date location. Unfortunately such a date is not appropriate for a first date – no girl would feel comfortable to show you her body in a bikini. You should earn her trust and make her feel confident first. Don’t rush with this one, but you can put it on your future date list!

Hot air balloon

Cooking class

No matter if you can cook or not – a cooking class provides many benefits. You can either learn the basics or more complicated dishes. What makes it always interesting is the opportunity to learn completely different styles of cuisine – e.g being good at cooking or not, you probably don’t know how to prepare a delicious Thai dish or a Persian one. (Unless you come from this part of the world.) Visiting a cooking class gives you the know how and then you can practice at home with your girl.

Take some of our date suggestions and show your lady how creative and caring you can be. But consider that you shouldn’t do anything you don’t enjoy but always be open to trying new things. Remember: Never try to impress her. Just focus on having a great time together and you will be fine.