How To Talk On An Emotional Level

Have you ever experienced a conversation with someone and you didn’t know how to get to a deeper emotional level? I for my part dislike small talk. I just find it boring. “How is the weather in Tampa? Is this heat wave still going on?” Even writing it seems to make some grey cells want to commit suicide. But for the better part of my life, I had no idea how to navigate around the seemingly unavoidable small talk and how to talk on an emotional level.

That should change one warm summer night on the university campus.

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12 Action Oriented Tips That Will Instantly Raise Your Social Skills

Social skills are crucial for all human interactions. Whether you are a scientist trying to raise money for your research or a regular guy who wants to meet interesting women, social skills are the key to getting what you want.

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Why People Cut You Off – And How To Stop It

Have you ever asked yourself why people cut you off while you are talking? If it happens to you frequently you might be facing a serious problem without even knowing it.

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How To Meet New People Without Awkwardness

Many guys complain they don’t have a girlfriend because they “haven’t found one yet” or because “it’s not that easy to meet new people”. Let me tell you something: She won’t just magically appear out of nowhere and knock on your door!

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Never Run Out Of Things To Say Again When Talking To Women

Once you found the courage to say “Hi!” to a girl you’ll be facing one of the most common difficulties men have with women: getting into-, and keeping up a conversation.
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