Become Successful With Women – The 9000 Word Guide


Everything you need to know about becoming successful with women in an honest and authentic way.

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The Truth About Rapport

This is a guest post by Nick Neeson, the founder of Introverted Badass.

Have you ever seen that movie… the one about the desperate nice guy trying to get the key to the heart of that cute, tenderhearted girl?

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What to Say After You Approach Her


This is a guest post by Dave Perrotta, the founder of

You see her walking by, and she catches your eye.

Tall, slender, long blonde hair, and a walk that runway models aspire to…

You snap out of your daze, walk towards her, and approach.

“Hey, I know this is random, but I saw you walking by and you caught my eye. I had to meet you. I’m Dave.”

“Wow, thanks! I’m Jessica,” she replies and shakes your outreached hand.

The conversation shifts back to you. At that precise moment, your mind goes blank.

You mutter something bland, like “Yeah it’s good to meet you…” without adding any more value to the conversation.

“Yes, it is! But I have to run! Have a good day!” she says.

And just like that, in a split second, you miss your opportunity.

Sucks, right?

We’ve all been in that type of situation before. We start off well, but then go blank, and the conversation stalls.

So, how can you prevent this? What should you say and do after you approach her?

That’s what this post is all about!

Let’s dive in.

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Stop Being a Pushover and Demand Respect


Some people seem to have a sign on their back that reads, “I am a target. Please screw with me!” They are made fun of, pranked, tricked, startled, and what not. I once was a guy like that myself. But I learned how to break out of it and naturally get respect from men and women alike. Here are 9 rules that I learned throughout the process.

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15 Glaring Signs Of Social Incompetence You Want To Avoid


Everyone wants to read about how to develop great social skills. But what good are the best tips and techniques if they are being destroyed by negative behavior that makes you come across like a douchebag? Worry no more. Here is a list of behaviors that you should avoid at all costs if you want to be seen as socially skilled.

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Vulnerability Without Weakness – Mark Manson’s Concept In Action


Vulnerability is the key to bonding with others. Just look at every single movie with well-written dialogues. Screenwriters are experts in coming up with conversations that don’t bore. And their number one tool for keeping conversations interesting is vulnerability.

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The Little Known Technique Actors Use to Keep Conversations Going

I often get asked how to keep conversations going when you don’t know what you should ask. It’s very simple. I just “borrow” a technique from professional actors that they use for improv every day.

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How To Talk On An Emotional Level

Have you ever experienced a conversation with someone and you didn’t know how to get to a deeper emotional level? I for my part dislike small talk. I just find it boring. “How is the weather in Tampa? Is this heat wave still going on?” Even writing it seems to make some grey cells want to commit suicide. But for the better part of my life, I had no idea how to navigate around the seemingly unavoidable small talk and how to talk on an emotional level.

That should change one warm summer night on the university campus.

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12 Action Oriented Tips That Will Instantly Raise Your Social Skills


Social skills are crucial for all human interactions. Whether you are a scientist trying to raise money for your research or a regular guy who wants to meet interesting women, social skills are the key to getting what you want.

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