7 Ways To Become a Better Friend

Maintaining a friendship is work like anything else that’s worth having. But no matter what you do with your life, sharing it with people you love is a tremendous source of happiness. The better friends you have the happier you will be. It’s as easy as that. But how can you maximise your chances of developing and maintaining deep friendships for life? I say by being a great friend yourself. Here are some tips on how you can become a better friend.

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How to be Confident When You Have Nothing to be Confident About


Contrary to popular belief, true confidence isn’t built upon external achievements. You aren’t confident because you are a successful business man, or a NFL quarterback, or a famous singer. Sure, success in the eyes of society makes you more self-assured and boosts your ego, but that’s not true confidence and it can be gone from one moment to the next.

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How To Overcome Shyness By Manipulating Yourself

The problem with overcoming shyness and its extreme form social anxiety is that your feelings dictate your behavior.

It is all too easy to tell someone: “Just stop being so shy and talk to everyone like you talk to me.” Well, I am sure most shy people would love to stop but for some reason we feel intense fear.

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6 Ways To Become Instantly More Attractive To Women


Becoming more attractive to women usually involves planning and executing on long-term changes like adopting a healthier mindset, building new habits and creating an exciting lifestyle. But not today!

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Chill Man: Why Slowing Down Will Boost Your Attractiveness


Slowing everything down is one of the best things you can do to become a much more attractive man.

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How To Use Negative Feelings To Your Advantage


When we talk about becoming an attractive man we also talk about negative feelings like insecurity, nervousness, anxiety and jealousy in the same breath. How great would it be if you could get rid of these emotional barriers?

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3 Words To Instantly Get Rid Of Anxiety


When I first started to take professional coaching I had never heard about a concept my coach called “Instant Acceptance”.

He explained that it is a great little routine to let negative emotions go almost instantly. Now I was listening and I decided to give it a try.

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