Presentations about women, dating, relationships, and self-improvement for men.

19 Examples of How to Start Conversations With Women Naturally


Kristina Kirilova gives you situations and then gives examples on how to start conversations with women in them, plus tips on how to continue after initiating the interaction. And best of all, she’ll tell you how to do so in a completely natural fashion.

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Emotional Starvation: The Plague of Our Time


Our modern-day western lifestyle makes us incapable of connecting emotionally with other humans. What are the consequences and is there a cure? Julian shares his personal experience and the insights he has gained on the topic.

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How To Know When She Wants You To Make a Move

In this presentation, you are going to learn the three main ways women signal their interest and what to do once you notice them. We created this presentation in collaboration with our close friend, dating and confidence consultant, Nick Notas.

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How to Attract Women Passively Through Your Lifestyle


Money, looks, and fame are the usual suspects when it comes to what women find attractive. However, most people don’t bother to think more deeply than that. How did these people come into money? What did they invest to look like they do? What did they pass up to become famous? Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that a certain lifestyle and decisions lead them there. And this lifestyle is the true aphrodisiac.

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Are You In Love With a Female Friend?


Everyone knows the situation: A friendship between a man and a woman goes sour because one of them falls in love. Usually, this ends the friendship and instead of leading to a happy relationship ends in awkwardness and broken hearts. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

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Why Do Nice Guys Get Friend-Zoned?


What do some men differently so they never get friend-zoned? In this presentation, Kristina explains what you can do to stop being seen as just a friend, based on general principles of human attraction.

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How to Become a More Interesting Person


Becoming a more interesting person is a wish that many of us share but don’t know how to achieve. In this ultimate-guide type presentation, Julian lays out the process of going from average joe to true original. You can’t miss out on this one!

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