Find Your Style With the 3-Word Technique

Throughout our childhood dressing was easy. We were dressed by mom or dad and were told we were cute by everybody. Life was simple then. As we grow up we start to become rebellious and want to find a sense of style that we identify with. This is the story of how I found my style and how you can find yours as well.

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Do You Believe You Are Attractive?

The way you perceive yourself is the way others perceive you. Attractiveness is not only based on looks but even more so on how you think about yourself. In this article, I’ll teach you how you can start to see yourself as an attractive man – no matter how you think you look.

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Want to Gain Confidence With Women But Hate Your Looks?

Good looks don’t have anything to do with confidence. Good looking guys need less confidence. If you’re accustomed to positive reactions because of your superficial qualities, you don’t have to be half as confident as someone ugly.

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How To Prepare For Going Out

Have you ever wondered why many women need so much time to prepare for going out? It’s not because we can’t decide on the perfect outfit for two hours – although that plays a role as well. The main reason is that we don’t leave the house until we feel amazing about ourselves.

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The Ugly Truth: Looks Do Matter – But Not The Way You Think

Science has proven that both sexes are attracted to facial symmetry. Good looks are an indicator of health. Therefore from an evolutionary standpoint being attracted to beauty makes sense. But what counts in real life? Are we slaves to our superficial instincts or do we value personal qualities equally or even more?

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The One Guide On Grooming And Hygiene Every Guy Needs

I’ve a question – do you want to be with an attractive woman, who takes great care of her personal hygiene? Guess what, we want the same!

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