How To Get a Girlfriend In 6 Steps – A Common Sense Approach

Finding a girlfriend is viewed as something that just happens somehow. Most people think luck or destiny are what it takes to find the “one”.

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How Cultural Differences Can Get in the Way of Love


This post features a story of a new friend of ours, author and bodybuilder Nicolas Cole.

Relationships are complicated endeavours. Love sometimes makes us believe that no matter what difficulties come along, we can surpass them. Life, however, writes its own stories.

Nicolas Cole shows in this very personal story, how cultural differences, a seemingly small crack in an otherwise special relationship, can turn into a mile-wide canyon between the two of you.

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9 Creative Date Ideas


To win a woman’s heart, it’s not always enough to just take her out and pay for dinner. That’s what most men do. A guy who makes the effort to arrange a special date immediately stands out from the majority of men. I’ve put together a collection of nine creative date ideas – not only for first dates – that let her know she deserves the best, you.

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Why Women Reject You And What To Do About It


Everybody knows how getting rejected feels. You stand there and feel like your heart is in your boots. You turn red or even deathly pale while you heart pumps wildly and your throat gets dry.

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How To Flirt And Strategies To Become Irresistible


A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a fantastic answer on the Q&A site Quora to a question many men have:
“How can anyone flirt with girls and what are some effective strategies to make you irresistible?”

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How To Know If a Girl Likes You


Believe it or not but you might have missed many opportunities with cute girls just because you didn’t notice the subtle signals they gave you. Or you didn’t believe you’re good enough to attract them. If a woman is into you, she will show you her attraction through certain behavior and body language. Most men are clueless about these signals. But actually, it is quite easy to interpret them. I’ll teach you.

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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid On A First Date


I will tell you a little fictional story to illustrate 5 common mistakes guys make on a first date so you don’t have to make them yourself. The story is wildly exaggerated to make it clearer but I think you will get the point we are trying to get across. Enjoy! :)

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Never Run Out Of Things To Say Again When Talking To Women


Once you found the courage to say “Hi!” to a girl you’ll be facing one of the most common difficulties men have with women: getting into-, and keeping up a conversation.
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How To Escape The Friend Zone For Good


You probably have all heard about the friend zone. Everyone who has ever been in it knows that it sucks. In this short post, you will learn what the friend zone is, how you can avoid getting into it and in case you are already in it, how to escape it.

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How To Approach Women Without Fear Of Rejection


Approaching women seems to be one of the most difficult things to men on earth. I’ve met guys brave enough to jump out of planes but afraid of starting a conversation with a girl.

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