Become Successful With Women – The 9000 Word Guide

Everything you need to know about becoming successful with women in an honest and authentic way.

Before reading on, I recommend that you watch this video where I give an overview of how you can become great with women:

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How To Develop Bulletproof Confidence – The Ultimate Guide

Confidence is the holy grail of self-improvement. Everyone wants it. Yet, no one really knows what it is exactly, or how to get it.

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The Poem That Will Teach You Self-Esteem

A few years back, as I was browsing through a martial arts magazine, I came across a poem that would change my life. To this day, I consider it the best summary of how to develop self-esteem and reduce your ego.

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Want to Gain Confidence With Women But Hate Your Looks?

Good looks don’t have anything to do with confidence. Good looking guys need less confidence. If you’re accustomed to positive reactions because of your superficial qualities, you don’t have to be half as confident as someone ugly.

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How to be Confident When You Have Nothing to be Confident About

Contrary to popular belief, true confidence isn’t built upon external achievements. You aren’t confident because you are a successful business man, or a NFL quarterback, or a famous singer. Sure, success in the eyes of society makes you more self-assured and boosts your ego, but that’s not true confidence and it can be gone from one moment to the next.

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