Change Your Ways – Improve Your Life


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost / The Road Not Taken I guess Robert Frost didn’t have self-improvement advice in mind when he wrote his famous poem “The Road Not Taken”. It makes for a fantastic […]

What is it Like to be a Hot Girl? A Guy Did the Experiment and Got Shocking Results


I was actually curious about what it was like to be a hot girl for a long time. So I carried out an experiment. I became one, online for 2 weeks.

The Poem That Will Teach You Self-Esteem


A few years back, as I was browsing through a martial arts magazine, I came across a poem that would change my life. To this day, I consider it the best summary of how to develop self-esteem and reduce your ego.

How to Create a Morning Routine That’s Better Than Coffee


Morning routines are awesome. They can energize you, make you happier, healthier, fitter, and what not. But let’s be honest, for most people, incorporating a strict morning routine is more of a romantic fantasy than a realistic plan. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to a better approach today. It’s proven, tailored to your […]

Want to Gain Confidence With Women But Hate Your Looks?


Good looks don’t have anything to do with confidence. Good looking guys need less confidence. If you’re accustomed to positive reactions because of your superficial qualities, you don’t have to be half as confident as someone ugly.

How I’ve Learned To Become Memorable

Have you ever been in the situation where you know someone, but they don’t remember you? It used to happen to me often and every time it happened, it would hurt my feelings. So I went on a mission to discover what one needs to do to become “unforgettable”. This is what I learned.

The Little Known Technique Actors Use to Keep Conversations Going

I often get asked how to keep conversations going when you don’t know what you should ask. It’s very simple. I just “borrow” a technique from professional actors that they use for improv every day.

How To Become More Charismatic Within a Month

I spent about 4-5 months working on charisma and inner confidence. I’d like to share with you the techniques I used during my first 30 days to become more charismatic where I saw the biggest immediate gains.

9 Biggest Turn-offs For Women

Many of you probably think that improving your looks, or gaining more confidence will get you to the next level with women. But sometimes it’s much more effective to eliminate unattractive behavior than it is to build attractive behavior. To help you identify what type of attitude many women find unattractive, I’ve put together a […]