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9 Biggest Turn-offs For Women

Many of you probably think that improving your looks, or gaining more confidence will get you to the next level with women. But sometimes it’s much more effective to eliminate unattractive behavior than it is to build attractive behavior. To help you identify what type of attitude many women find unattractive, I’ve put together a […]

How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re In Love With Her

Friendships are complicated, especially between men and women. And they get even more complicated when one of them falls in love. Being romantically interested in your best friend can be painful and awkward. There are many questions that come to mind in such situations: “Does she feel the same?”, “Am I allowed to confess my […]

How To Prepare For Going Out

Have you ever wondered why many women need so much time to prepare for going out? It’s not because we can’t decide on the perfect outfit for two hours – although that plays a role as well. The main reason is that we don’t leave the house until we feel amazing about ourselves.

In a Woman’s Head: What Are Her Intentions With You?

Do you want to know if she’s feeling the spark? Or what are her intentions with you? When you walk through life you come across patterns. For quite a while now, I have observed situations men encounter with women that happen time after time again. Many men are completely clueless why women act the way […]

9 Creative Date Ideas

To win a woman’s heart, it’s not always enough to just take her out and pay for dinner. That’s what most men do. A guy who makes the effort to arrange a special date immediately stands out from the majority of men. I’ve put together a collection of nine creative date ideas – not only for first […]