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7 Ways To Become a Better Friend

Maintaining a friendship is work like anything else that’s worth having. But no matter what you do with your life, sharing it with people you love is a tremendous source of happiness. The better friends you have the happier you will be. It’s as easy as that. But how can you maximise your chances of […]

How To Overcome Shyness By Manipulating Yourself

The problem with overcoming shyness and its extreme form social anxiety is that your feelings dictate your behavior. It is all too easy to tell someone: “Just stop being so shy and talk to everyone like you talk to me.” Well, I am sure most shy people would love to stop but for some reason we […]

How To Talk On An Emotional Level

Have you ever experienced a conversation with someone and you didn’t know how to get to a deeper emotional level? I for my part dislike small talk. I just find it boring. “How is the weather in Tampa? Is this heat wave still going on?” Even writing it seems to make some grey cells want […]

How Cultural Differences Can Get in the Way of Love

This post features a story of a new friend of ours, author and bodybuilder Nicolas Cole. Relationships are complicated endeavours. Love sometimes makes us believe that no matter what difficulties come along, we can surpass them. Life, however, writes its own stories. Nicolas Cole shows in this very personal story, how cultural differences, a seemingly […]

7 Inspirational Videos That Will Give You Goosebumps

Whenever I feel negative emotions like anger, depression or entitlement I immediately go ahead and play one of the videos in this post. Inspirational videos won’t bring you success in life – only you can do that. But they are great for giving you a lift up when you are down or get you to exceed what you thought possible […]