6 Ways To Become Instantly More Attractive To Women

Becoming more attractive to women usually involves planning and executing on long-term changes like adopting a healthier mindset, building new habits and creating an exciting lifestyle. But not today!

Let’s forget all of this boring, long-term stuff for a moment and have some fun with quick fixes – or as I like to call them “magic pills”.

1. Stop Checking Her Out

When guys see a beautiful woman they usually start looking at her all the time as if she was an alien or a mystical creature. They have no intention to approach her, but this strong feeling inside of them seems to twist their heads just to get another look of her.

The funny thing is, as soon as she notices this and looks back, he will immediately look away.

This behavior feels extremely creepy to her.

Guys, don’t act like serial killers. If you look at her you better follow up with a smile to show your intentions. Your other option is stop looking at her altogether.

2. Stop the “Guy Chatting”

It’s common among men to chat about women. All the time guys say stuff like “hey dude look at her, oh my god, she is so hot!” to each other.

It’s an ego – coolness – peer pressure thing.

By doing this, countless men set themselves up for failure before they’ve even talked to her. Here is why:

  • It puts her on a pedestal.
  • It is superficial.
  • It is a surefire sign you are not a man of integrity.
  • It shows a lack of maturity.

Be better than that!

Next time your male friends start guy chatting and want your opinion on a woman’s looks just say “yeah, she could be fun”.

This communicates “she is attractive, but I want to meet her in person before I judge”. Isn’t that a better mindset?

3. Make Deep Eye Contact

Everyone knows the phrase “The eyes are the window to your soul.” I am not sure about that but what I do know is that the eyes are transmitters of emotion. And emotion is the currency of love. (I am aware of the fact that technically speaking the eyes aren’t sending any signals, but I think you get what I am trying to say.)

Next time you talk to a woman, try looking into her left eye. (the eye located on the same side as the woman’s left hand) Notice the patterns, the color and the little dots in her eyes. This creates a strong emotional connection with her and communicates confidence.

Don’t worry about getting distracted. No woman ever told a man to “piss off” because he got lost in her eyes.


4. Listen Without Thinking About What to Say Next

This one was eye opening for me. Have you ever thought about what to say next while the other person was still talking? Me too.

Thinking about what to say next deprives you of true listening. It disconnects you from her and women are masters at picking up subtleties like this.

To make matters even worse, it also lets you run out of words faster than you can say “omg what do I say to her now”.

If you ever want women to refer to you as a *great listener* stop thinking while she talks.

5. Stop Looking Down

Nothing shows insecurity, negativity and sadness like looking down at the floor. Many men do it but only a few know. If you catch yourself doing it stop immediately! It’s ok to look down if you are lacing your shoes or collecting money but other than that don’t!

I once heard that some helplines even advice suicidal people to immediately look up at the ceiling because it lifts them up emotionally.

6. Relax Your Lips

Humans tighten up in stressful situations and your lips are no exception. Pressing your lips together shows a woman that you are under pressure and it stresses her out as well. It’s a little thing, but little things add up.

Relax your lips and your whole face is going to look much more inviting.

Hope it helps. :)

Take care,