31 Traits Every Attractive Man Should Have

Knowing what a truly attractive man is like makes it easier to become one. So here is my take on which traits every attractive guy should possess.

An attractive man…

  • Can easily start and hold conversations with people from all walks of life. Women, as well as men.
  • Holds strong opinions and is not afraid to express them.
  • Doesn’t care what strangers might think about him.
  • Is good at reading nonverbal communication.
  • Has a large social circle with people from all walks of life.
  • Smiles a lot.
  • Looks people in the eyes.
  • Is comfortable around beautiful women.
  • Speaks his mind.
  • Doesn’t let others use him.
  • Avoids situations and people who affect him negatively.
  • Is well groomed.
  • Takes great care of his body.
  • Wears clothing that is stylish, appropriate, and fits him.
  • Is comfortable with touching and being touched.
  • Can be spontaneous.
  • Is able to empathize with others.
  • Loves and respects women.
  • Is sex-positive.
  • Doesn’t talk negatively about others.
  • Has a firm handshake.
  • Holds his head up.
  • Doesn’t think he is better than others.
  • Doesn’t try to act cool but he passively is.
  • Can relate to others on an emotional level.
  • Is able to support himself.
  • Surrounds himself with good, down to earth people.
  • Has interests and hobbies besides women and his job.
  • Commands respect.
  • Knows when to talk and when to shut up.
  • Doesn’t look down on anyone.
  • Is always optimistic.
  • Carries himself with strength and confidence.
  • Takes full responsibility for his thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Is introspective.
  • Keeps his word.
  • Gets shit done.
  • Isn’t afraid to fight in defense of himself, his loved ones, or his principles.
  • Improves what he can and accepts what he can’t.

Did I miss anything? I want to make this the ultimate list of traits an attractive man must possess. So please tell me more traits that should be added to the list by just commenting below.

Once it’s finished, I’ll create a pdf from this post and add it to the Lists page so everyone can download it for free and without having to register for anything.

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  1. Jeew says:

    How long would it take a person to change or adopt all these quoted traits, if he possess none of them currently? Or is it possible a 35 yr old one to adopt/change his traits to these.

    • Julian Reisinger
      Julian Reisinger says:

      Absolutely! You can always improve yourself and get many of the traits in the list. However, keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t possess all these traits doesn’t mean that he is automatically unattractive. The list should just give guys an orientation of what qualities matter.

      I recommend you start with one trait and concentrate on just that for at least several weeks. Only after you see a noticable improvement with that trait you move on to the next. Otherwise it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stop alltogether.

      If you have any questions during the process feel free to send us an email.

  2. William J Tarbush says:

    I would appreciate a description of how men can be sex-positive. Most men are, but the only articles I can find refer to feminism. I want a masculine description of this rather than pushing for sex on the third date, etc.


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