Eliminating Drama in a Relationship

This is a guest post by Mark Greene; he is a professional writer and digital nomad.

If you’ve never found yourself stuck in a relationship riddled with drama on the daily, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Perhaps it’s because of your no-BS manly exterior, or maybe you got lucky the first time ‘round and met the girl of your dreams (if such a thing were to actually exist).

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Want Choice With Women? Stop Chasing Women

In 2008 or so, I first became involved with pickup. The thought of buying a book or video, studying it, and afterwards being able to date beautiful women was quite appealing to an 18-year old boy who had never kissed a girl before.

However, what seemed like a promising undertaking at first – “Once I know all the tricks and techniques I can have any girl” – turned out not to be the solution I was hoping for.

Frustrated after years of unsuccessfully working on my pickup skills and back at “women want money, fame, and looks” I started to ask myself, “Almost every gorgeous woman is dating some guy. Who are these men, the sexiest women are seeing, and how can I learn their secret?”

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How to Stop a Fight Without Destroying Your Relationship

Every couple fights – often about the stupidest shit. Arguments like, “Why did you look at her like that?”, “Where the fuck have you put my soccer shoes again?”, or even the classic, “You never listen to me!” are common in relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are ways to stop arguments before they even begin. And there are techniques to stop a fight from escalating and causing irreparable emotional damage.

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How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re In Love With Her

Friendships are complicated – especially between men and women. And they get even more complicated when one of them falls in love with the other person. Being in love with your best friend can be painful and awkward. There are many questions that come to mind in such situations: “Does she feel the same?”, “Am I allowed to confess my love to her?”, “Am I going to ruin the friendship if I tell her the truth?” Let’s find some answers and make sure you either end up together or at least, stay friends.

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How To Get a Girlfriend In 6 Steps – A Common Sense Approach

Finding a girlfriend is viewed as something that just happens somehow. Most people think luck or destiny are what it takes to find the “one”.

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How cultural differences can get in the way of love

This post features a story of a new friend of ours, author and bodybuilder Nicolas Cole.

Relationships are complicated endeavours. Love sometimes makes us believe that no matter what difficulties come along, we can surpass them. Life, however, writes its own stories.

Nicolas Cole shows in this very personal story, how cultural differences, a seemingly small crack in an otherwise special relationship, can turn into a mile-wide canyon between the two of you.

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9 Creative Date Ideas

To win a woman’s heart, it’s not always enough to just take her out and pay for dinner. That’s what most men do. A guy who makes the effort to arrange a special date immediately stands out from the majority of men. I’ve put together a collection of nine creative date ideas – not only for first dates – that let her know she deserves the best, you.

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9 Simple Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Like A Goddess

Men often blame women for being too complicated and not knowing what they want. Enough with the excuses! Here is everything you need to make her feel the butterflies all over again.

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