Stop Being a Pushover and Demand Respect

Some people seem to have a sign on their back that reads, “I am a target. Please screw with me!” They are made fun of, pranked, tricked, startled, and what not. I once was a guy like that myself. But I learned how to break out of it and naturally get respect from men and women alike. Here are 9 rules that I learned throughout the process.

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The Best Technique to Change Behavior You Don’t Like About Yourself

There is one technique to change behavior that you already use but probably don’t take full advantage of. I call it Awareness, Attention & Conscious Change. You can use it to change pretty much everything that you don’t like about yourself. It costs nothing and is proven to work. Come check it out.

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Vulnerability Without Weakness – Mark Manson’s Concept In Action

Vulnerability is the key to bonding with others. Just look at every single movie with well-written dialogues. Screenwriters are experts in coming up with conversations that don’t bore. And their number one tool for keeping conversations interesting is vulnerability.

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The little known technique actors use to keep conversations going

I often get asked how to keep conversations going when you don’t know what you should ask. It’s very simple. I just “borrow” a technique from professional actors that they use for improv every day.

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How To Become More Charismatic Within a Month

I spent about 4-5 months working on charisma and inner confidence. I’d like to share with you the techniques I used during my first 30 days to become more charismatic where I saw the biggest immediate gains.

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Live Your Values and Become a Unique Person

Do you live your values? An odd question, I know. What I mean is, do you know what’s important to you and are you actively doing something about it?

This whole living in synch with your values thing is a fairly new concept for me. I discovered it two or three years ago. At the time, I had no clue that it was one of the best, if not the best, ways to become a unique person. A true original. A strong, charismatic man that people remember. Cancel your plans for the day. We have got some work to do.

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The Perfect Day Exercise

Knowing what you want is critical to your success with women. In this post you will learn how you can draw her into the vision of the world you are building for yourself.

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